Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Monster Birthday Party

I'm finally getting around to blogging again! Last September was Hudson's 1st birthday and Ellery's 3rd! I can't help myself it seems and I totally went overboard on this party. Since their birthday's are only a day a part we decided to combine the party, but mostly it was for Hudson since it was his first birthday. Here is the invite I made:

Now as you can see it was supposed to be a big water party at the park. I have been planning this party for months and I did not have a plan B if there were weather problems....always have a plan B! We had weather problems. I was so sad and had no clue what to do because my house is just not big enough to fit my whole family, Caleb's family and the few friends we invited. Not to mention all of the activities planned were water play that can only be done outside (Hence Ellery was wearing her swimsuit cover turned monster costume) So we were forced to improvise, Caleb asked the second counselor in our ward if we could use the church building even though it was Monday night. We were doing a "family night" anyway so it should be fine. He was hesitant, but understood since the weather was bad he felt bad for me I guess. So the party was last minute moved to the church and I had literally no time to set anything up! It was a little crazy at first but everyone was so nice and jumped in to help hang decorations and banners and set out all the food. All in all it was still a fun party, all the kids just had fun running around the cultural hall with a giant ball and we had good food and great company!

Hudson was not as into eating his first birthday cake like Ellery was on her first birthday. She made a big mess and had chocolate all over her face and hair grabbing handfuls of more cake. Hudson took it slow and took tiny pinches of cake at a time and timidly tasted it. He is my slow eater, savers every bite.

Aunt Kim did an awesome job setting up and helping the kids create their own monster cookies. She had the coolest ideas and options the kids had so much fun making and eating these, did I mention the cookies themselves are the best sugar cookies! Mmmm, delish! Ellery loved putting her monster together but mostly enjoyed eating it.

The wind died down and the rain clouds moved on so we were still able to do a few train rides around the parking lot! We also set up our monster smiles photo booth

Monday, August 15, 2011


So I'm still catching up this was in the very begining of summer we went camping with our friends and Caleb's sister. We had a fun time except it was SUPER windy which made it hard to cook and sleep, but the kids did pretty well. It was Hudson's first time and he loves being outdoors just like daddy so he was a very happy... and uh dirty boy.

We did some crawdad fishing or I should say the little boys (Caleb and Tyler) did the fishing while us ladies cheered them on and Kendyl was brave enough to hold the cup of overflowing lobsters. It's been a long time and was fun to relive those kind of childhood memories. However, I did not enjoy this...

They cooked up and ate the big ones, sooooo gross!
Ellery had a good time with her buddy Gus, now he was loving it outdoors. Ellery was not a fan of the uneven ground and fell down alot.

Ellery was smart and ate only the food we brought with us.

She didn't want to nap in the tent, but eventually gave in

It was pretty much awesome going camping with Kendyl my photographer friend. I actually made it into some of the pictures thanks to her!

Story of my life right now and I love it

We need to go camping again!